torek, 13. avgust 2013


Happy Life

  The greatest gift you can receive is to be alive. And I don't mean to survive a life threatening situation but to actually be alive.
  It is the best, the greatest, unpredictable, full of beautiful, breathtaking, heartbraking situations. And you just need to embrace everything that comes your way.

Life and happiness with friends

 Seize the day. There are so many beautiful things to behold and be apart of and you cannot allow yourself to miss them. Whether it's a night out with your friends, a billiard session with your parents, sitting in the grass in summer, reading a book, listening to music, riding your bike, drawing, writing, singing, dancing, walking your dog, eating your favourite food, making fools out of yourselves with your friends, ... Cherish everything that is around you.

  Because one day it may not be there. One day, you won't be around anymore.

Death, end of life

  Don't think life is supposed to be filled with only beautiful and exciting times. It's not. If anything, it would be boring.

"Sunny days wouldn't be special, if it wasn't for rain.
Joy wouldn't feel so good, if it wasn't for pain."

  And it's about that. Diversity of life. Makes it interesting. And you need to go through it all. You need to feel joy, happiness and when it comes, pain. Don't be afraid of it.

How to live life

  It's your life. You dictate how you live it. You dictate whether something is going to bring you down or make you stronger. When it comes to those moments, important moments, we are all individuals.

Individual therapy

  So, as said many times before, you see so much different things, meet interesting people that have an impact on you, especially some that effect you in a big way. Very important family, good friends and others that you like to see around you. And you need to keep in mind that people you meet are different than you. They may have a different view on life, they may think differently. And that is something to look for in people. Though you may not like it at first. You need to stand up for your beliefs and you shouldn't let anyone take them away from you.

  Oh, really?

Hemingway: distinguish one man from another

  Never be definitive in your beliefs. Allow them to change, allow yourself to be mistaken sometimes, allow people to correct you, if you are. Some people may need being corrected more than you, some may not. Don't be afraid to correct anyone, if they are wrong. But also be a man and accept that you cannot always be right and understand that you are going to get corrected from time to time. If you are one of those who are mostly right, I salute you. And if you show it a lot, well, I mean, when it needs to be shown (people make a lot of mistakes, man), then get used to being called a know-it-all, get used to hearing: "You need to be right all the time, don't you?!" And I tell you, most people don't appreciate being corrected. Well, I don't mind.  Neither do I.

Mistake can't erase

  If you don't want me to correct you, stop making that many mistakes. Just don't get cocky and think that you are perfect. You can get it wrong a couple of times. And when that happens, accept being corrected.

Let's make better mistakes tomorrow

  This last bit doesn't really fit in a subtle way, but I wanted to include it.

Individual therapy

  So, bottom line is that:

   Life is beautiful
   Life is precious
   Life is full
   Life is awesome