nedelja, 08. december 2013


Being modest is all good and well. There are some people, that just simply cannot behold a greater meaning; it is better to remain in their eyes, modest. Because, not surprisingly, there are a lot of such people out there. Well, the majority is that kind. And they may misinterpret. Leading to you being seen in the eyes of all people surrounding you as a cocky and arrogant man. So, be careful. The absence of modesty is for those, who can comprehend it's purpose.

Some think modesty is for the weak. Not necessarily true. Modesty is for the opportune moment. When it needs to be there.

But sometimes it can be harmful. So stay away when it is. Your dreams, your plans for the future, your success; don't be modest when it comes to that. Live it up. Dream without limitations.
Allow yourself to live without modesty in places and times, where and when it cannot and won't hurt you.

About which part of your life do you want people to wonder?